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Beyond Blessed

The Glider

The Glider

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The Glider tells a story - Linda’s story - of the beauty that can come from brokenness. While not shying away from the life-long effects trauma, foster care, a flawed child welfare system, and even adoption can have on a child, she illustrates the life-changing potential of adoption to heal and allow a child to move beyond the brokenness. Ultimately, her story is a powerful reminder of each of our own stories of redemption - where God calls us from the sinful brokenness we were born into to a place of healing through his salvation and grace.
~Holly Gillespie Pisarik, attorney

In this day and age, child abuse is rampant. The news and social media fill our heads with tragic events, and seldom do we hear about the ones with a positive ending. But, in The Glider, Linda Summerford—with transparency and a heart of love and forgiveness—shares her own poignant story of redemption and healing from a childhood filled with abuse. The Glider is a testimony to God’s mercy, protection, and goodness. It is a story that will stay with you forever. Grab a tissue when you read this book.

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